I heard about and met Caitie through a mutual friend and have always enjoyed any time with her. A couple months before our wedding we still didn't have a caterer and were on a tight budget since my husband and I were paying for our wedding ourselves. Our mutual friend suggested calling Caitie just to get some ideas from her and by the end of the conversation Caitie had offered to cater our wedding herself. She not only cooked and served the food, along with her husband, but was conscious of the fact that we were on a budget and made things affordable for us. Caitie was incredibly easy to work with. She listened to my ideas and then added her own flare to the menu. I know nothing of the food and catering world and she made it so easy to step into. She also did everything possible to make my life as the bride easier. She bought plates and napkins and even had bowls and serving utensils to match our picnic/casual theme without being asked. She was very respectful. She had many ideas, but never did anything without asking first. She was great about remembering that it was still our day and our vision and she did everything to match it.

The day of the wedding went flawlessly. Caitie was on time and I never once was worried about if the food was ready to serve. She cooked plenty of food and there was even enough for my family to take home leftovers that night. It’s been six months since our wedding and even now when I talk to people about that day the first thing they say is “How goooood” the food was at our reception.

Caitie helped us throw a party for our friends and family to celebrate our marriage. She was an absolute joy, easy and just fun to be around. I highly recommend Caitie to anyone who is looking for a wedding or event caterer.

- Annette H.

Caitie made cupcakes for my wedding that were such a hit! They tasted amazing, and were decorated so beautifully! She offered an array of flavor options for us to choose from to ensure there was a cupcake option for everyone at our wedding to enjoy. We had everything from the classic red velvet with cream cheese frosting,  to raspberry and lemon with a raspberry filling, to some amazing chocolate cupcakes filled with peanut butter cream and topped with peanut butter frosting and mini Reese's. She even baked a "mini" wedding cake just for me and my husband that was so cute and particularly tasty! She is such a wonderful and sweet person to work with, and I would recommend her to any and everyone! Caitie is the best!

- Zoe B.

From Start to finish, Caitie and her team made my wedding absolutely perfect and at ease! It was very easy to communicate with her about What our needs were and she was very prompt in keeping in touch about minor changes. My family can be picky at times and Caitie was able to put together a great dinner that pleased everyone at my wedding. She was thorough in her presentation and I had absolutely no worries about food on my husbands and my day. All I heard after the wedding was, "I can't believe that was wedding food, I felt like I just had an elegant dinner at a close friends house." That sincerely warmed my heart as I know that it can be hard to find catering for your wedding that is both efficient and delicious. My husband and I couldn't be happier and would work with Caitie again in a heartbeat! 

Thank you again to you and your husband for helping make my wedding the most perfect day ever! 

- Samantha M.  

Chef Caitie of Blue Oregano Culinary Services was invited into our home to prepare a private dinner for eleven guests. Her knowledge and experience allowed her to confidently take control of our kitchen. Chef came fully prepared with prepped foods and all needed tools. She adapted to the kitchen appliances and utensils on hand with ease. As the preparations began, the aromas from the kitchen were enticing. The guests were full of anticipation.

From the bruschetta appetizer to the creme brulee dessert, each bite was one to savor. Fresh crisp salad with chef made fig dressing and candied pecans began the feast.

Personalized entrees of beef filet with "beer" blanc (no that is not a typo, she actually uses beer to make an extraordinary sauce) or rosemary chicken breasts were beautifully presented. Entrees were served with fresh mushroom risotto and tender garden asparagus.

When dessert was brought to the dining table, guests were thrilled to see beautiful and delicious Chai Tea Creme Brulee with fresh fruit.

Chef Maharg truly made a wonderful meal with her expertise, attention to detail and her professional and pleasant demeanor. 

~Ned O. 

My friends and I were recently house guests of a dear friend in Timberville, VA. One of the most memorable high points of our visit was a "Private Chef" catered dinner by Chef Caitie Maharg and her husband Nathan, Owners of Blue Oregano Culinary Services. What an experience to come back to the house after an outing and be greeted by a personable chef in a white coat and the incredible fragrances wafting through the kitchen. 

We all started with a salad of crispy spring greens, candied pecans, a fig goat cheese and a refreshingly light fig dressing, followed by either a steak or roasted chicken entree accompanied by mushroom risotto and asparagus. The table went silent with only murmurs and exclamations of sheer culinary delight. I had the chicken which was served with a rosemary beurre blanc sauce. The chicken was delicious; moist and delicately seasoned and while the sauce was a perfect compliment, was rich and savory, I just kept wanting more to keep that taste in my very happy mouth. The guests that were served the steak had the same type of comments with each one mentioning how perfectly prepared their steak was according to their request...and all was served at the same time.

Of course there was dessert! A chai tea creme brulee topped off this perfect meal. Lightly sweet, rich in flavor with a hint of chai that was a totally satisfying palate finale.

Not only was this amazing dinner served to perfection, but after each course, plates, silverware, glasses and wine glasses were whisked away when appropriate. By the time the evening wound down and the other guests departed we house-guests were so marveled at the cleanliness of the kitchen, the clean dishes stacked and orderly just waiting to find their way back to the proper cabinets. What a huge pleasure to have enjoyed this superb meal and the company of our hosts throughout the entire afternoon and evening.

Thank you Caitie and Nathan. Alaska may be a little off your grid, but should you ever be up this way, we sure want to know!

~Helen T. 

Thank you so much for an amazing dinner last Saturday. You are an incredible chef and the meal was perfection. The whole evening was so special. I would recommend to everyone that they should experience you and your talents. Thank you again for such a delicious meal.

~Julie D.